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There is growing awareness that the future of robotics is a collaborative one. Although rapid technological advancements are driving the development and maturation of robotics platforms across a range of domains, the methods by which people work with these platforms remains a largely open question. Unpacking this solution requires a multifaceted approach with key contributions from diverse fields and disciplines, including user modelling, adaptive interfaces, persistent communication, interaction design, human factors, and situational awareness.

This workshop intends to discuss the opportunities, threats, and future of collaborative robotics, by incorporating multidisciplinary perspectives. We invite researchers and practitioners in Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics and Engineering, Ethics, Psychology, Social Sciences, Design, Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence to join us in exploring the requirements for next-generation human-robot collaboration and synthesising a path towards the future where people and robots work hand in hand.

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Call for participation

We invite researchers with an interest in shaping the next-generation of human-robot collaboration (HRC) and empowering humans in human-robot teams to submit contributions. We encourage submissions on a wide spectrum of topics including (but not limited to) interaction design for HRC, user modelling, multimodal analytics, intention recognition and visualisation, formation and maintenance of trust, ethical HRC, data privacy, safety, socio-technical implications, and design of HRC evaluation metrics.

Submissions are now invited for the workshop. If you wish to submit a 1–5-page position paper or 1-page expression of interest (EOI) for consideration by the workshop organisers, you must satisfy the selection criteria and follow the submission process. For more information and any queries, please contact us at: or Selected position papers and EOIs will be publicly published on the workshop website.

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Submission Details

Please include the following in your submission: